August 29, 2014

50W H15 LED Bulbs on New BMW 2-Series

These 50W H15 LED Bulbs for the new 2014 BMW 2-Series halogen headlight trim on high beam for daytime running lights are a great addition for a new vehicle. 2-Series are not entirely common the streets just yet, so it's not often that you would see a 2-Series right next to you at the intersection. So what's even more uncommon than seeing a 2-Series? Seeing a 2-Series with brand new CREE H15 LED bulbs.
BMW H15 bulbs 01

August 21, 2014

Mercedes Benz Internal Code Lineup Revealed

Mercedes-Benz has quite the complicated internal code lineup, with a puzzling combination of letters and numbers to symbolize every vehicle. It started out as a simple letter and number combination, but the introduction of newer models created a new list of internal code lineups. The letter and number combination used to correspond to the engine displacement, but that's not always the case today. This is a quick guide on what all of the letters and numbers mean.

This is the smallest car in the Mercedes brand lineup that's appropriately given the first name of the alphabet. The code name is W176, with "W" as a four/five door passenger car.

The B-Class is the second smallest car so it's pretty self-explanatory how it got this label.

The labeling of the C-Class becomes more complicated. It's internally christened as W205 and have some also code named the S205, with S standing for station wagon. In upcoming models, the coupe will also receive an internal code of C205 and A204, with "C" as coupe and "A" as convertible.

The E-class consists of more than one model, with an internal name of W212. However, the station wagon gets S212. The E-Class coupe is confusingly not named C212 as one would assume, but as C207. This is because it shares more in common with the previous generation C-Class 204. The "E" in E-class used to mean "injection" in German.

The S-Class, or "Sonder Klasse" means "special class" in German because this large sedan was and is still the top of the line vehicle in the Mercedes range. Its code named W222 while the S-class coupe is named the C217. Future convertibles will be named as A217.

The CLA is marketed as a four-door coupe with a C117 code name, much to the confusion of many Mercedes Benz fans.

This is also a four-door coupe, with the internal code name of C218. The crossover version is named the X218.

The SLK is the smallest roadster in the Mercedes line, with code R172. The "R" stands for roadster.
SLK 2014

The SL roadster is actually much like the SLK, appropriately named the R231.

With the addition of many Mercedes Benz vehicles in the future, the internal code name is sure to get complicated really fast. The code names may be difficult to memorize at first, but once you get the hang of it and understand why the codes are given to the vehicles, then it becomes much easier to predict and remember what each vehicle is in the lineup. Of course there's more to the Mercedes lineup than just their badge names, like performance, LED lights, premium navigation, and luxury interior.

July 2, 2014

Convert Your High Beam into LED Daytime Running Lights

These super bright LED jobs are here to convert your old 9005 high beam lights into some crisp looking LED daytime running lights. This blue Mitsubishi Lancer has been upgraded with the new LED daytime running lights and the results are a bright and crisp xenon white that make this Lancer a one of a kind.

9005 High Beam DRL 02
9005 High Beam DRL 03

9005 High Beam DRL 01

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June 26, 2014

Volkswagen Golf with Eagle Eyes LED Daytime Lights

LEDayFlex allows you to personally mold your car with your own personal touch and transform your car into something that's uniquely yours. This 2012 Volkswagen has on a strip of 4 LED lights per side that cascade downwards looking pretty modern and minimalistic. You can practically shape these Eagle Eyes LED lights in however way you like, making it the perfect add-on for the ultimate DIY-er.

Volkswagen Golf LEDayFlex 05
Volkswagen Golf LEDayFlex 01
Volkswagen Golf LEDayFlex 02
Volkswagen Golf LEDayFlex 03

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BMW H8 LED Angel Eyes is a Huge Upgrade

The BMW LED Angel Eyes are a way to upgrade your traditional factory stock incandescent halo rings to a brand new set of LED halo rings. As you can see from this 2008 BMW 535i and the difference of the stock incandescent and xenon white LED Angel Eyes, the results are staggering. Not only is the color of the halo rings vastly different, but the crispness of the new ring marker bulbs just completely bathe the halo rings in a clean, fresh beacon of light.

BMW 535i H8 Angel Eyes 01 
BMW 535i H8-Angel Eyes 02 
BMW 535i H8 Angel Eyes 03 

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June 25, 2014

HID Equivalent High Powered CREE LED Upgrade

These CREE LED DRL lights give you that HID equivalent of high beam LED daytime running lights, making it a gorgeous xenon white color among the sea of incandescent bulbs. This 2009 Lexus GS350 with this LED upgrade looks like it's got a whole new facelift. It definitely transforms the stock halogen look into a beautiful HID upgrade.

Lexus GS LED DRL 01 
Lexus GS LED DRL 02 
Lexus GS LED DRL 03 

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June 16, 2014

High Powered LED Fog Lights for Subaru, Scion, and Mitsubishi

These OEM fit LED Angel Eyes fit the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S and are a great upgrade on the stock fog lights. One of our customers actually discovered that these LED fog lights actually fit the 2008-2011 Mitsubishi Outlander as well! That's a pretty small chance that someone would have that same exact vehicle with the same exact product coupled together, so it would be great to take advantage of that awesome opportunity. 

Mitsubishi Outlander LED Fog Lights 02

Mitsubishi Outlander LED Fog Lights 03

Mitsubishi Outlander LED Fog Lights 04
Mitsubishi Outlander LED Fog Lights 01
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