July 20, 2010

Audi Style Switchback LED Lighting Strips in Xenon White, Amebr Yellow Colors

Good News, we have receive the new Audi Style LED lighting strip, that will shine both Xenon White color and Amber Yellow Color w/ Switch-back Dual-Color Function.

We designed this kind of LED Strip Lights to work both at daytime running lights mode as well as turn signal lights mode. During driving, the LED strip lights will light up Xenon White and Turn Amber Yellow when you engage the turn signal lights.

This invention is inspired by the new Aston Martin Rapide which has this kind of LED lights.

Below are the youtube video and couple pictures about this new product, please take a peek. For more pictures, please check our blog @ iJDMTOY LED lighting blog.


Audi Style LED Strip Lights (Dual Color Switchback version)

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