September 23, 2010

How to Makeover the Front End of a Lexus

Using LED and HID, you can change the look of your old Lexus into something that looks like it just came out of a dealership.

Here's how: we will start with the front end, the most noticeable part of a Lexus. You switch out the parking light bulbs that come stock with the car and you replace them with xenon white LEDs from iJDMTOY.

In addition, you can convert your existing fog lights that don't get much attention, into an eye-catching 6000K HID look via a conversion kit.


Lexus - IS - 350 - 6000K - HID - fog - lights - 1


Lexus - IS - 350 - 6000K - HID - fog - lights - 3

Check out our posts at iJDMTOY's official blog for exciting transformations on different cars.

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