May 11, 2011

Customize the Parking City Lights for Your Honda Civic Type-R

These days, people are switching their stock front lights for HIDs for a better look and efficiency. But, did you know there is diverse parking lights to choose from as well? Next to headlights, Parking City Lights illuminate significantly at night. Upgrading to LED parking lights can be your next investment if you’re looking to changing up your exterior lights.

This distinctive color is an excellent addition to car enthusiasts who want to go for a new look on their car. Changing up your Parking City Lights really makes a difference! And if you don’t like blue, there are also other colors such as pure xenon white and red for all you hot heads.

Those LED parking lights are so shiny, they can replace the car’s headlights! Blue Parking City Lights complements HIDs very well like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have a plain jelly sandwich that’s just wrong.

The neat and calming color of blue presents attitude to the car and driver. Amber provides…well, nothing. It’s too common. Unless you like to be common, then stick with Amber. But if you’re ambitious and wish to stick out from the crowd like myself, then blue is the new amber for you.

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