May 24, 2011

Get 15% off on All Direct-Fit LED lights with Memorial Day Sales

Often times drivers may end up dropping their keys or loose change in the very abyssal depths of their car and switch on their dome lights to look for their lost items and still cannot see a darn thing. But with the help of LED dome lights, drivers will see that little microscopic penny in a blink of an eye! Okay not really, but LED dome lights do offer a much brighter output than the leading factory dome lights.

So what’s so special about LED dome lights? Like I have mentioned, it illuminates much better than factory bulbs and runs on fewer power. Many LED dome lights come in different colors as well. Here we see our customer’s clean xenon white LED dome lights on his 2009 Honda Civic Si. The glowing white glow bathes the interior brightly. Amber filament bulbs hardly support enough light and not to mention illuminates a tedious orangey look.

Xenon white LED dome lights just make me want to jump into his car. Even the seats and wheel look brand new. It’s amazing how much a pair of two LED bulbs can do for your car. If you or a friend is looking to change their cars, the LED dome lights are a wise and easy installation for any drivers.

Now you can get 15% off on all direct-fit LED lights with our Memorial Day sale through May 31, 2011. Check out our Facebook page for more coupons.

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