October 12, 2011

Introducing Purple LED Lights for Audi A5

12-SMD Pinkish Purple (Magenta) LED PCB Panel LightsPink LED lights

Audi A5 with Pink Led interior lights isn’t some thing you’ll notice daily. As well as if you need to make several real effect, you’ll be absolutely recognized with these kinds of Purple LED lights. We imagine the user of this Audi was weary with the stock yellowish interior lights and decided to adjust the dome lights to Pink LED lights. For which we realize, presuming the point that LED is the brand-new leading technology is car lighting. Now it is time for a transform.

Pink LED lights

In the event pink is not you color, subsequently don’t fret, since we bet you know a few ladies that will go insane concerning the idea of purple lighted interior. And also don’t choose the dome lights only, be imaginative! All these 12-SMD Pinkish Purple 1210 type LED light panels are ideal for car interior lights like map lights, dome lights and door courtesy lights, as the owner of this kind of Audi A5 exchanged the original ones.

Pink LED lights

You don’t need to hassle with a few complicated installment, as the deal consists of a pair of T10, and 2 pieces adjustable universal fit festoon adapters, that will fit to almost any wedge and festoon housings, but for more tips you’d better have a look at our web page. How about those people who doesn’t own A5? Now is your lucky day if you drive Audi A4, Audi Q5 or Audi A7 and want to make some adjust which will make your ride stand out, for the reason that all these Purple LED lights will fit like a glove.

Take a good look at those red leather seats. They seem so comfortable, so sleek, but this is due to the LED dome lights, which makes them look brand new and sparkling. Did you notice the nice pink light over the gear knob? Actually the dashboard seems so comfortable and welcoming! The entire car whispers get in, you’ll be like in heaven? Audi A5 with Pink LED light inside? That looks like heaven.

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