November 1, 2011

What about Projector Fog Lights for Nissan 240SX

Glass Projector Fog LightsProjector Fog Lights 1

The user of this particular Nissan 240SX feels to just like the BMW Angel Eyes and we came up to that summary as soon as we saw one more great program of our Projector Fog Lights. The car seems just incredible with this particular mod - it allows the auto sporty and intense look, a wicked touch from above. Plus if you view it at night with lights turned on - wow, it appears a car from the Transformers motion photo.

Projector Fog Lights 2

Truly, this kind of product was designed for fog lights, but we have plenty of users customized these kinds of to operate for headlights at the same time. Notice the following client as an example. These types of lights have CCFL Angel Eyes all over with glass, not plastic projectors with internal cut-off line, which makes them best for adding HID Conversion Kit for fog lights. Having its outer 7000K CCFL Angel Eye Halo Ring, it lights up very nice, very eye-catching it doesn't matter daytime or night time. If you do not buy the HID package deal, the lights feature common 55W bulbs which are also very brilliant. Although if you put HID into them - get ready for a real feast of super bright xenon white light.

Projector Fog Lights 3

If you are worried whether these bad boys will fit your automobile, after that we are about to notify you this particular is a universal fit excellent product. You can put them on ones automobile, SUV, SAV, truck, etc. The installation of all these Angel Eyes Projectors is easy, although if you get some questions or difficulties, in that case follow the step-by-step installation information on our website.

Why don't you deal with your car with a little something particular, something that anybody will admire? After that think of purchasing the following fantastic Projector Fog Lights HID ready kit, put in it and wait patiently for the night to fall - then it's your time - exactly like our friend with the Nissan 240SX does.

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