December 23, 2010

BMW E92 Interior LED Lighting

iJDMTOY has the comprehensive car interior lighting upgrade for BMW E90 328i, BMW E92 335i, and M3 vehicles from 2006-2010. The BMW E92 335i LED interior kit featured below includes 10 LED lights that perfectly match the housing and also fits all the vehicles mentioned above. This LED interior kit consists of bright SMD LED dome lights and map lights, LED under dash lights, and LED door lights. This upgrade will certainly boost the illumination of ones car interior. The original filament bulbs are more dim plus the light is really not luminous. On the contrary, LED alternative car bulbs make the light much more well lit white. Searching for things {in the interior your car or truck could often be easier and in addition, I feel the light seems nicer.

These BMW LED interior bulbs are ready to set up as is. Simply detach the housing cover of the dome/map housing and change the originally installed filament bulb with the plug and play LED bulbs. Make certain the bulbs turns on, or else turn it 180 degrees so that the the polarity is reversed and make the bulbs light up.

The LED light bulbs we have for the car interior package tend to be expected to be twice as well lit as regular LED lights. When you review it to a stock filament bulb, the SMD LED lights tend to be 4 - 5 times brighter. Moreover, the the operating life of LED bulbs is ten times the life expectancy of incandescent bulbs. Acquire extended efficiency using bright LED light bulbs.

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 4

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 3

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 2

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 1

The LED interior kit featured on the BMW E92 335i above.

Deluxe SMD LED Interior Package!

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