October 27, 2011

2009 Ford Escape Installed with LED Headlight Strips

5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip LightsLED Strip Lights 1

If you have a excellent look at this 2009 Ford Escape, you may detect something various, something just like a hybrid - American car with European appearance; and you won't be wrong, for the reason that the following American SUV has a set of LED Strip Lights much like that hot Audi R8!

LED Strip Lights 2

All these super bright LED strip lights are typically used around the headlight lamps to emphasize their shape. They could possibly be put in on different places, too - around the fog light lamps or below the bumper, it's up to you. Please observe the strips are bendable and each one is 12 inches long with 15 LED bulbs on a strip. This kind of will undoubtedly give your ride a brand new, sleek, Euro seem as the more sophisticated Audi A5 LED headlights, or Mercedes E Class LED fog lights.

If you are anxious about setting up these LED headlight strips, you need to recognize that this particular excellent item is put in in no time and could be put on any auto, SUV, truck, etc. All you ought to do is to peel the self-adhesive 3M tape on the back and put on any smooth surface, in that case tap the wires to any kind of 12V power source - either parking lights or fog lights, but have in mind the positive and negative wires. And that's all - you can widely like the shining LED strip lights in Xenon White color.

You could imagine our item could be a superb add-on to any auto, and you are right! Treat your vehicle with a more sophisticated, high quality appear without the luxurious price! Our customers rate this kind of product 5 stars, and have gotten plenty of compliments after buying and setting up all these amazing LED Strip Lights! Give any vehicle a wonderful Audi A5 or R8 look, exactly like that tweaked American 2009 Ford Escape SUV.

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