October 28, 2011

What about H16 LED bulbs for 2009 Cadillac CTS

high power 68-SMD 1210 type 5202 LED bulbs5202 LED bulbs 1

Fog lights are extremely helpful in particular weather conditions, and the user of this 2009 Cadillac CTS went further more and improved his fog lights by exchanging the stock 55W halogen bulbs with 5202 LED bulbs. It appears the full car was taken to the following level with this particular upgrade. We've found a lot of Caddies and the following one actually does make a big difference - wonderful new look at very low selling price.

5202 LED bulbs 2

Don't you such as Caddy's brand new smooth look? Don't you consider your vehicle deserves some pampering? Our item will enhance your stock yellowish halogen fog lights or daytime running lights into a wonderful and exact 6000K Ultra White HID complementing or incredible 20000K Ultra Blue look without paying the HID price. If you still aren't sure whether you should order or not, and then we'll explain to you the words we notice every time a customer replaces his OEM bulbs with these 5202 LED bulbs: "Perfect, just perfect! "

5202 LED bulbs 3

And if you are still undecided, after that take a good look at the images - the light that comes out of the LED bulbs is pretty much the same as the light that will come out of HID equipped fog lights. Brilliant and effortless detectable light means safety, which leads to the summary that if you have these kinds of LED bulbs, you'll increase your security by making the car detectable from better distance.

What are you going to say if we tell you this top quality set of H16 LED bulbs could be fitted on almost any car in under 10 minutes? Well, that's not fully true, because several vehicles similar to Audi, BMW, etc.,which have on board computer (OBC), could possibly need a pair of load resistors added to be able to avoid the error message showing up on dashboard. Besides that, all these H16 LED bulbs are excellent add-on to any car, and this particular 2009 Cadillac CTS is the proof of the alleged above.

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