November 23, 2011

Ford F-150 with LED work light

LED work light 1

When I went out to take a breath of fresh air, I came upon the shown hardcore modded black Ford F-150. The complete brute force look is supplemented by four LED off-road lamps along with the higher suspension, the projector headlights and the studded X-METAL series main grille. The big off-road Toyo tires and improved bumper made a certain impact, too. What more can I declare - with a appear like that you have to agree this particular automobile is a actual heavy duty off-road machine.

LED work light 2

"These kinds of are bright like Hell! " reported one of the nearby pickup truck enthusiasts, while I get nearer to the LED work light. Soon after a little talk with that guy I learned how can I obtain the same high power super bright LED off-road lamps. JDM Toy presents 18W Heavy Duty 12V-24V 6-LED work lamp, furnishing a bright xenon white light that is much simpler to work under, than the traditional lighting from a halogen lamp. You ought to take in mind the fact that you will improve the security of your night work and fuel efficiency, because the lightning output of this kind of light is twice more than the lightning output of a halogen lamp. What's a lot more - JDM's quality product is waterproof and has anti-break toughened glass lens. Ain't it that just simply magnificent?

LED work light 3

Utilizing LED technology in the following Ford F-150 pickup truck is a really good idea - with not two, but four LED work lights, the strength efficiency and long life of every unit are necessary variables, which are not to be overlooked. Despite the point that the following auto is well prepared for entertainment functions, I am guaranteed its LED products could be quite valuable in virtually any circumstance - coming from towing broken vehicles to off-road excessive thrills in the evening.

LED work light 4

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