November 16, 2011

How to Install Daytime Running Lights on Scion IQ

Daytime Running Lights 1

Remember that Scion IQ I published concerning last time? Very well, I simply just can't delay to notify you concerning its nice Daytime Running Lights - they look like little great diamonds! You know how satisfied women become if they find their particular best friends, huh? I become more than satisfied when I find some nice excellent car lighting items for action. Sadly the guys at the Scion Booth switched on the lighting only for a little while and I couldn't have a good photo, yet will notify you much more about this kind of accessory and what's more - how to obtain the exact wonderful-looking product at quite affordable price.

Pursuing the most current trends in the automotive market, tuners and manufacturers try to give good quality modern-looking products, and this is exactly where the LED technology comes. The guys, who prepared the Scion IQ for this kind of year's SEMA Show, have very modern vision - this sort of nice 9 LED DRL Lamps are very same to the ones identified in a number of high class Audi designs. I am sorry you can't notice them in action, yet I can assure you they have really strong output and are capable of emitting very vivid Xenon White lighting. These kinds of features motivated me to get the similar cool-looking product on the Internet.

Here I come to the part with a hint the right way to get the same 9 LED DRL kit for your automobile. All you need to do is to take a look at JDM Toys store and look for these types of eye-catching Audi A6 Style High Power 9 LED DRL lamps. Basically, I believe at this time there was even a 10% discount on this kind of universal fit level of quality product. Then again, if I judge by the smooth look of that graphite steel Scion IQ, these types of Daytime Running Lights will become a whole hit among car tuners and manufactures.

9 LED Daytime Running Light

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