November 17, 2011

How to Install LED License Plate Lights on Jotech JB2 Nissan GT-R

LED License Plate Lights 1

Jotech JB2 Motorsports offered Stage 4 Nissan GT-R on the following year's SEMA Show, and as you will notice, these types of individuals seriously be aware of the information. It seems that LED License Plate Lights are quite fashionable all these days, and I found them mounted on this lambo green 942 HP GT-R show auto. Since you find, these kinds of LED bulbs are very brilliant - they are evidently visible in day time and the xenon white color gives a good appearance to this kind of ride.

LED License Plate Lights 2

Quite a few other tuners brought to you strong and elegant performance automobiles, although Jotech JB2 Motorsports definitely made an impression with these elegant LED License Plate Lights. And as it switched out, that wasn't everything - this Texas tuner utilized the exact same 5-SMD JB2 168 LED bulbs for the parking lights, too. These kinds of combination is definitely amazing, as it offers the car that tiny touch of model, which takes the whole car one level up.

Having Stage 4 Nissan GT-R tuned by Jotech JB2 Motorsports is not the most probably issue to happen to me, although I don't want the considerable tuning knowledge and features of a world-class tuner like Kenny Tran with his 14 years of racing and tuning experience to get personally a set of 5-SMD JB2 168 LED bulbs. The same top-quality LED item can be observed at JDM Toy shop. All these bulbs are perfect for car interior lights, door courtesy lights, license plate lights, parking lights or backup reverse lights.

One thing is without a doubt - Jotech JB2 Motorsport is a world-class tuner store, which performs with top-quality products and when these types of guys feel that a few changes is important, they install it. This furthermore applies to the introduced performance show vehicle Nissan GT-R. I just simply gave you a hint how to receive yourself a pair of JB2 168 LED bulbs for your ride.

168 LED bulbs

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