November 28, 2011

Introducing 168 LED Bulbs for 2004 Nissan 350Z Parking Lights

LED Parking Lights 1

Modern showcased auto is a 2004 Nissan 350Z, which appears very fashionable, many thanks to the particular blue LED Parking Lights from JDM Toy. I am completely in love by using these kinds of 168 LED bulbs - they offer the car incredibly attractive and race-ready look and feel, simillar to all these cool performance vehicles coming from The Fast And The Furious series. I don't know whether or not the user of that 2004 Nissan 350Z has the same driving abilities as the crazy guys from the motion image, although he absolutely has very lovely looking auto.

LED Parking Lights 2

"Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder" - that's undoubtably, although have a look at the nice deep blueish overall look of these types of LED Parking Lights. The 168 LED bulbs are very reasonably priced lightning upgrade and get the particular complete car to the upcoming level. This guy selected the 20000K Ultra Blue color, however JDM Toy provides this kind of product in two more colors: Xenon White and Brilliant Red. The particular 168 LED bulbs are ideal for car interior lights, door courtesy lights, license plate lights, parking lights or backup reverse lights. And as you can notice from the image, this particular client has replaced his stock interior lights, too.

LED Parking Lights 3

Adding the 168 LED bulbs is definitely easy - simply plug and play. If you still aren't sure no matter whether to upgrade your OEM yellowish halogen bulbs with 168 LED bulbs, you need to understand LED technology is pretty energy efficient. Fundamentally, this kind of implies this LED bulbs will not drain ones battery as fast as halogen bulbs if you ignore them turned on for long time.

You just can't go wrong with purchasing a pair of these kinds of 168 LED bulbs. See the user of that 2004 Nissan 350Z for instance - he began his project with just a set of Ultra Blue bulbs and improved to LED Parking Lights. Considering that everyone can purchase this kind of excellent product, you are one step closer to offer your car a fresh different appearance, which usually could be identified with just one word "Wonderful".

168 LED Bulbs

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