September 26, 2014

Audi Style LED Strip Light on Volkswagen MK7 GTi - Fun with Class!

Audi is known for their beautiful LED strip lights that are pretty captivating, but they also come with quite a hefty price tag. Fortunately, these switchback LED strips for headlights give you that Audi look without costing your entire life's savings. The switchback LED is a uniform strip where it shines with a uniform glow so you won't see the individual emitters. This gives the LED strip an even glow and makes it look pretty high end.

Volkswagen MK7 GTi LED strip 01

When you see a Volkswagen MK7 GTi, you think of a fun, sporty car with tons of spunk. Add the switchback LED strip and you instantly transform the vehicle into a combination of fun and luxury. The LED strip properly gives your car a bit of character and makes the car a unique one-of-a-kind. It was such a simple addition to the GTi, yet the GTi looks extremely elevated now.

Volkswagen MK7 GTi LED strip 02

If you wanted something that looks classy but isn't too overly conspicuous, then these switchback LED strips are the perfect add-on. This retrofit does require you open the headlights, so keep that in mind. Of course professional installation is recommended, but here is a detailed tutorial on how to bake open the headlights as a general guide for the installation. Get ready to break necks because everyone will definitely be checking out your ride.

Volkswagen MK7 GTi LED strip 03

Volkswagen MK7 GTi LED strip 04

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