October 27, 2010

Factory Headlights Or HID Upgrade For BMW 325i

One of our customers installed new HID conversion headlights (see below) on a 2006 BMW E90 325i. The headlight conversion to HID was complemented with a pair of digital decoders made for onboard computer errors. Installing with a decoder will prevent flickering from occuring.

The 2006 BMW 325i requires H7 bulbs if your car already does not have HID in it factory installed. Otherwise you could put in D2S bulbs for a HID replacement.

If you want to get HIDs for your BMW and your factory bulbs are halogen, you have a choice to upgrade to HID through a HID conversion kit. We recommend if there are flickering issues that you get the kit with the decoders. You can install these with our guide on iJDMTOY and also find a replacement H7 HID bulb / conversion kit in range of color choices.

Also for the D2S we have Garax HID or Phillips OEM HID bulbs. The OEM bulbs are standard 4300K but with aftermarket HID bulbs you can get 6000K - 12000K light output. With a higher Kelvin, the light from the xenon gets whiter and as it approaches 8000K it gets hints of blue. The higher you go, up to 12000K the light goes purplish.

If you want to stick with factory bulbs that's fine. We're just offering alternatives.

BMW - E90 - 325i - HID - conversion - kit - 4

BMW - E90 - 325i - HID - conversion - kit - 3

BMW - E90 - 325i - HID - conversion - kit - 1

BMW - E90 - 325i - HID - conversion - kit - 2

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