March 16, 2011

Carbon Fiber Sheet - How do you like the new Carbon fiber roof for Nissan 350Z?

We'll got customers who are looking at replacing the roof with a carbon fiber piece for their Nissan 350Z/370Z. There are overlay, pillar cover and replacement pieces sold on the market. But your OEM would have to be cut out, and it requires a lot of work. You also have to watch out fitment problems with CF roof overlays.

It may be too much.

The carbon fiber sheet may be not as hardcore as real carbon fiber mods, but it's very easy to apply and worth every penny of it. Pictures below feature iJDMTOY's best selling carbon fiber vinyl sheet. The 3D texture resembles the genuine look of real dry carbon fiber, and the wave reflects light the same way as the actual carbon fiber would. Each weave is about 0.20 inches and the thickness is about 0.015 inches.

The vinyl sheet is perfect for car exterior: it is water and UV resistant, and can be easily cleaned with water. The carbon fiber vinyl sheet is self-adhesive and practically can fit the curvature of everything.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

2005 - nissan - 350z - carbon - fiber - sheet - 1

2005 - nissan - 350z - carbon - fiber - sheet - 2

2005 - nissan - 350z - carbon - fiber - sheet - 3


For customer reviews and product information, visit the product page: Carbon Fiber Sheet

2007 - bmw - m6 - carbon - fiber - sheet - 4

JDM High Quality 24" x 60" Dry Black Self Adhesive 3D Twill-Weave Carbon Fiber Style Vinyl Sheet

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