April 5, 2011

Brabus Style LED Daytime Running Lights for Infiniti G35

Daytime running lights were first introduced in European countries and becomes mandatory for all new passenger cars and small delivery vans.  
LED daytime running lights is extensively used by car manufacturers as a way of differentiating brands. We've seen new configurations and shapes of LED bulbs introduced on up and coming models. Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other European manufacturers are very creative in transforming exterior lighting of their vehicles.

BRABUS LED daytime running lights has been a hot add-on for all Mercedes-Benz G class models. The LED lights offer an unique Euro car look and looks amazing on other vehicle models. iJDMTOY's Brabus style LED DRL kit has the same design and lighting output as the factory lights.

This universal-fit lamp is measured 7.50" (L) x 1.25" (H) x 1.75"(D), and is perfectly for models such as Infiniti G35, BMW 3 series, Nissan Pathfinder. With the relay harness and mounting bracket included in the kit, the lamp can be easily mounted between the bumper grill without much modification. 

Here we've got some pictures of a 2004 Infiniti G35 installed the LED DRL kit. iJDMTOY now carries a 30% off deal on all LED daytime running lights. So if you are thinking of getting a pair of DRL for your car, order today LED Daytime running lights 
2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 1
2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 3
2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 6
2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 5
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We have another post featuring LED Daytime running lights on 2004 Infiniti G35.

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