September 30, 2011

BMW E70 X5 with LED Interior Lights

4-SMD Error Free T10 LED bulbs

Playing with the Dome Lights of a BMW X5 and exchanging them with LED bulbs is something you unquestionably should do. No longer tedious dull yellow light? Say yes to the Xenon White light. Many customers had already change their stock bulbs with these babes and all of them are very happy with the new look of their cars.

Installing takes a few mins? Almost nothing more, everything fits in perfectly, just plug and play. The Error Free 2825 LED bulb is outfitted with 5 pieces 3-emiter 5050 SMD LED lights and what’s more - your auto will never display an error information when you put in these LED bulbs, as a result of the built-in CAN-bus controller. And also don’t be anxious if you don’t own an X5? These bad boys will match in a large range of vehicles, as they are particularly designed to work for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Volkswagen. As you see, they are fantastic for under door courtesy lights, foot area lights and backup reverse lights, too.

If you think that the interior of your vehicle should match the exterior, you may think about buying these LED interior lights. This is just a excellent add-on to the complete HID/LED look of your vehicle. Be magnificent? The Xenon White light will make your auto interior look absolutely different. LED dome lights will offer even lighter output of lighting effects, so you might not see any distinction whether is it day or night outdoor. Just kidding, but you will see a great difference between the stock ones and the LED bulbs.

One more reason for upgrading the yellow dull yellow light bulb is that it isn’t long lasting, not power efficient. LED dome lights are the most affordable, yet extraordinary technique to tune up your automobile - a smart investment for intelligent drivers. If you are tired of searching blindly underneath your X5’ seat for your slipped items, this is the solution - LED Interior Lights.

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